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dip a brush Into SUN and paint a window towards Eternity

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“It’s year one for solar in India,” says Alan Rosling, the chairman and executive director of Kiran Energy, a solar developer startup based in Mumbai. But…

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In 2009, when policymakers in New Delhi set a goal to produce 20,000 megawatts of solar energy by 2020, few gave India more than…

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Solar Parks in Gujarat

Recently I had the opportunity to attend the InterSolar India Conference and Exhibition held in December 2011, during the exhibition I there was a stall by the government of Gujarat stating … Continue reading

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Solar companies in India with a Social Angle attached

Many companies have been started recently in the area of solar energy with the aim of upliftment of people in rural areas and have been doing some awesome work. Here … Continue reading

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Concentrated Solar Power Systems (CSP)

Image via Wikipedia Solar radiation falling on the earth’s surface consists of direct and a diffuse part. Solar PV utilizes both of the radiations and hence information of global insolation … Continue reading

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Solar PV status in India

Image via Wikipedia A solar PV is semiconductor based technology and converts sunlight directly into electricity via photoelectric effect. Today the contribution of Solar PV is 0.1% but it is … Continue reading

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Terms & Parameters Involved With Solar Energy

To Understand how Solar Energy  Varies we need to understand the various terms and parameters Involved. Here are a few  Terms and Parameters Related to Solar Energy. Actually there are … Continue reading

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Status of Solar Energy in INDIA – 2010

India is a country of over a billion people. As of 31st August 2010 there were 89808 villages or 15.1 % of the total which were still un-electrified . Over … Continue reading

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