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Solar companies in India with a Social Angle attached

Many companies have been started recently in the area of solar energy with the aim of upliftment of people in rural areas and have been doing some awesome work. Here is a small list of few amazing companies

1) SELCO : If you are associated with Solar you ought to know about Selco. Started by Harish Hande Selco has become a role model for new companies and have been doing amazing work since 1995. The founder Harish Hande is a IIT Kgp alumni and was awarded the Ramon Magsaysay Award in 2011.
Website :

2) D-Light : Started by Stanford grads Sam Goldman and Ned Tozun in 2007 with a seed capital of $250,000 they won in a business plan compeition, D-Light has come a long way. They have designed various solar products starting from as less as Rs. 500. They have two distribution model one NGO grant based and second in open market.
Website :

3) Green Light Planet : Founded by Anish Thakkar and Mayank Sekhsaria in 2008 , Greenlight Planet is combining cutting-edge technology with innovative distribution networks to commercialize low-power LED lanterns.
Website :

4) Thrive EnergyHaving identified energy as a basic human right,THRIVE  an NGO founded in 2001 by Ranganayakulu Bodavala, a Harvard alumnus and public health management specialist, developed a series of solar LED home lights by combining the concepts of energy efficiency and renewable energy. It has collaborated with World Bank and UNO in spreading the concept to the tribal and rural populations in many Asian and African countries. Thrive Energy evolved from the technology innovations of the NGO – THRIVE. In the absence of a committed manufacturing partner for its innovative rural lighting efforts, THRIVE started its own solar technology division. In 2006 THRIVE ENERGY TECHNOLOGIES PVT. LTD., (TET) was born.

Website :

5) ONergy : Started by Vinay Jaju , Ekta Kothari and Piyush Jaju ONergy is a Renewable Energy venture passionately committed to sustainability and equity – providing complete energy solutions to BoP in rural India – using appropriate renewable technologies. They started in 2009 from West Bengal and have recently been exploring opportunities in neighboring states.

Website :

“Some companies/startups may have been left out , please leave details in comment, the post will be appended. “


One comment on “Solar companies in India with a Social Angle attached

  1. neel tamhane
    April 2, 2014

    Well compiled list! These companies are certainly some of the best social enterprises in India. Rural electrification as a whole in India is gaining some momentum only thanks to these fabulous initiatives!
    You might also want to add Husk Power Systems and Mera Gaon Power to the list.

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