The Solarity

dip a brush Into SUN and paint a window towards Eternity


“It’s year one for solar in India,” says Alan Rosling, the chairman and executive director of Kiran Energy, a solar developer startup based in Mumbai. But despite the early stage and small size of the crew at Kiran Energy — the company is two years old and has 25 employees and $50 million in funding from U.S. private equity firms — Kiran is determined to play a significant role in financing, owning and developing large-scale solar panel farms in India.

Kiran hits it big

During an interview this week in Kiran Energy’s Mumbai office, Rosling told me how Kiran has for the moment become “the biggest focused solar power developer” in terms of contracts in India. There are other large conglomerates or power companies that have potentially larger portfolios, but Kiran is currently the leader in terms of the solar-specific folks, says Rosling.

Kiran has 75 MW’s worth of solar…

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